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Richard Taylor
Head of Vendor Management
Siemens Finance and Leasing

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General Manager

Francis Sum
General Manager
Volvo Automotive Finance

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Bain & Co

Fong Kiat Phua
General Manager
Manitowoc Credit (China) Leasing

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Chief Risk Officer
GE Capital Great China

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President, CIT Vendor Finance, Healthcare and Chief Strategy
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Executive Managing Director
Doosan Capital Co., Ltd.

Keith Rodwell
Managing Director Asia Pacific
CIT Vendor Finance

Carlo Nizia
Managing Director
Fiat Automotive Finance Company

Roberto Mello
Chief Financial Officer
GE Healthcare China

Qigan Lu
General Manager
Deutsche Leasing (China)

Wan Jun
Managing Director
Zoomlion Xinxing Financial Service

Haitian Yang
China Leasing Union Tianjin Financial Leasing Association

Dongsheng Jin
Deputy Director State Administration of Taxation

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 Event Background


In recent years, our financial leasing industry has obtained tremendous development. It plays an important role in many ways, such as in increasing the size of the market and the enterprise competitiveness, in promoting the industry innovation upgrading, broadening the micro small and medium enterprises financing channels, driving the development of new industries and promote the adjustment of economic structure. But overall, the coverage the of the financial lease to the national economy industry and the penetration rate is far lower than the developed countries, and still exist prominent problems, like the management system do not adapt to industry managing system、 imperfect laws and regulations, imperfect development of the environment. In order to further accelerate the development of financial leasing, better to play the financial lease role to service entity economy development, and promote economic steady growth and the role of the transformation and upgrading, In August 2015, the state council general office formulate the relevant policies on accelerating the financial leasing development .The measures includes the following several aspects,government departments should decentralize to the financial leasing company, speed up the development of the business of the financial leasing in high-end core equipment import, clean energy, society and people's livelihood, set up support for small enterprises, the agriculture, rural areas and farmers leasing company, be good to use "Internet +" mode and the development of innovative business.

The China Financial Leasing Development Forum has been successfully hold seven times in Beijing and Shanghai in the past seven years, which obtained highly praise including government agencies, enterprises, institutions and individuals. X-Wisdom will hold 8th China Financial Leasing Development Forum & China Leasing Asset Securitization Development Summit 2016 in Beijing. This event will invite the relevant government department heads、well-known chamber of commerce (association) organization representative both at home and abroad, representative from top companies and the world famous financial leasing companies. Through gathering the financial leasing industry's top talent, together to discuss the development trend of China's financial leasing and hot topics. Making depth interpretation in China financial leasing policies and regulations, it will help leasing players to find out most efficient financing channel in China and worldwide region. From this forum you will get 3rd party services messages on how to help you low down risk and bring more business opportunities.


  • The Most Compelling Leasing Event in China with 7 Years' Proven Track Record.

  • Up to 6 one-on-one business meetings with local government representatives or other delegates.

  • Panel discussion with local governors to solve their real financing problems via your practical solutions.

  • Effective Strategy Moves to Untie the Mystery of China's Financial Leasing Market.

  • Special focus on investing in China Financial Leasing industry – How can you discover the real values?





Day One
( August 29th )

Interpretation about the general office of the state council's guidance on accelerating the development of financing leasing
The experience sharing of development and innovation practice in Tianjin port area of China (Tianjin) pilot free trade zone and China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Under VAT instead of business tax the financial leasing tax planning and accounting practice
The credit rating on financial leasing asset securitization

Day Two
( August 30th )

Financial leasing's new blue ocean: Internet financial + financial lease
China's reform and development of financial leasing ABS
The combination of financing lease and new energy
The overseas financial leasing mode for the reference to the domestic

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